A personal needs assessment - Before determining appropriate properties to view, we will develop a personal needs assessment for home style, location, home size and features, community amenities, and other desires for your new home. If that right home is not on the market, we will even approach the home owner to inquire if they would be open to considering an offer. Knowing how to make those sensitive inquiries can be the difference. We pride ourselves in knowing which communities are most likely to have the homes that could be your dream home.

Customized search - One way we search for the right properties to consider is to create a customized search that can be run daily to afford you the best and most up to date information. Close attention to the market can sometimes make the difference between you buying the dream house or someone else getting there first.

Counsel - When you are considering specific homes we will do our best to inform you of the pros AND cons of each particular property.  We will serve an your sounding board to help you decide among properties, taking into account proximity to work, maintenance issues, floor plan and value differences, as well as neighborhood amenities, with consideration for the lifestyle you are seeking.  For those times when the price range or the inventory of homes doesn’t have exactly what you are looking for, we may even suggest how certain remodeling efforts or changes could bring you closer to the home you envision and helping you to flesh out the details of such changes

Comparative market analysis - We will provide you with a comparative market analysis, so that you can be more secure in the knowledge of how comparable homes have been values by the market. When appropriate, we will advise you regarding the long-term investment potential.  We will draw on our knowledge of development plans in the area, of the real estate in that community and, on occasion, the specific history of the home you are considering as support for your consideration.

Negotiation skills - Based on this knowledge and the comparative market analysis, will assist you in structuring your offer, price and terms, to assure you the strongest possible negotiating position. Your strategy should always be kept confidential.  Negotiating not only the price, but also any repair items, closing date differences, and other unexpected issues that can arise.

Assistance with financing - Assisting you with obtaining the financing that is in your best interest and with consideration for your unique situation. A buyer’s agent will refer you to other professionals, for mortgage and insurance counseling, architectural, legal, and builder services, depending upon your specific needs. A buyer’s agent will do the worrying and the legwork for you saving you valuable time and money.

A successful Closing - Bringing a transaction to closing, which involves moving through a veritable maze of interrelated events... loan qualification, appraisal, survey, title work, inspections, occupancy, each with its own due date and significance.  Recommending reputable quality inspectors and service providers, your Fore Premier Properties buyer’s agent will oversee it all.


Here are some of the ways we protect your interests and help you buy the home that is right for you.